Tourist Sites



Two categories of attractions are outlined. These are those which are based on nature, and those resulting from cultural and social activities around the area.

Landscapes plains and sceneries

  • Kilimanjaro mountain
  • North and South Pare Mountains
  • Mkomazi plains
  • Ruvu plains

Water related attractions

  • Ranzi mountain lake
  • Thornton falls
  • Kalimawe dam
  • Rivers Nakombo, Hingilili, Saseni, Mhokevuta which support rain forests and are evergreen throughout the year.

Forest and wildlife related attractions

  • MkomaziNational park
  • Shengena /Chome forest Nature reserve
  • Kwizu Forest reserve

Other small forests which are preserved for worship and rituals by clans.


Socio–Cultural attractions

  • Traditional Pare houses including construction technology, Mkumbavana and Malameni Caves
  • Documents of historical value
  • Traditional irrigation systems
  • Traditional handcrafts – drums mats, pots, arrows etc.
  • Everyday culture as practiced by the villagers.