About Us




TONA Lodge (1340 Asl) overlooking Mkomazi National Park was established at the center of Mbaga Village in 1998 with the view to support significant environment activity in the area which has been identified as one of the sites of Global and National  significance in terms of Biodiversity values.

The whole process of establishing Tona Lodge was channeled through the village government up to the District level at Same where all the necessary approvals were granted. What the management of Tona Lodge did was to talk to village and District authorities at an early stage.

Partly out of common civility but also to ensure that your together in the development process. Their sympathy and support is important when you are confronted with problems. Imagine what would happen when they turn against you then…….

Tona Lodge is fully licensed by Local Authorities.

The cultural tourism programme in Tanzania gave an impetus to the establishment of Tona Lodge and the management saw the potential especially on the criteria for its development.

a- Involvement of Community e- Environmental impact
b- Poverty alleviation f – Tourist Satisfaction
c- Impact on local culture g- Security and
d – Gender balance h – Marketability


We have carefully thought  on our pricing structure at our lodge and the broader mandate of cultural tourism in the mountains to  accommodate different people and groups of different financial capabilities and of course  there are others who would be moved to give even more due their own  sense of social responsibility after a visit.

Tona Lodge comprises of two accommodation facilities separated by  river Tona between them.

One that caters for cultural tourism programme with basic facilities, clean  rooms with running water. This we call Old Tona and the other we call Tona Annex where we offer luxury facilities including self catering services.

  1. Old Tona
  • Accomodation US$ 15 Bed and breakfast per person
  • Meals lunch or dinner US$ 5
  • Guide fees US$ 10 per Group not exceeding 3 Pax per day
  • Village fees US$ 5 per person per day
  • Traditional dance US$ 20 per group per performance (optional)
  1. Tona Annex for those who prefer more conventional hotel accommodation.
  • Single room                   US$ 40
  • Double room                 US$ 50
  • Deluxe room                  US$ 70
  • Meals/Lunch/Dinner    US$ 10

The prices are subject to change depending on unforeseen economic  trends. We have no mandate on park fees for visiting the nearby Mkomazi National Park and Mountain forest Reserve  Shengena/Chome.